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Experts in Business Interruption Insurance


Did you know that the risk of Business Interruption was in the TOP 10 business risks in 2013?
The continuity of the company throughout the time is one of the main principles the Management must secure.
The risk of Business Interruption may be prevented, mitigated and transferred through a Business Interruption Insurance Policy.

Fórmula Vencedora Experts in Business Interruption Insurance is going through a development phase of its core business, restructuring the corporate image.
A global and integrated service aimed at the insurance market players (Insurance companies, Brokers and other companies) is being launched.
We also have the experience and Knowhow in the Business Interruption Insurance area, including marketing, subscription, loss adjusting, training and auditing.

Get to know Fórmula Vencedora and have the Risk of Business Interruption monitored.