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Services to Brokers and Agents


How to sell this insurance? Which arguments to use? Should a company facing trading loss subscribe this insurance? Amount to be insured? How to choose the indemnity period? Which additional clauses to negotiate?

We have the answer to these and many other questions.

Offer your Clients an added value service that they can recognize.

With the publication of the annual Accounts of the several companies concerning the financial year of 2012, we have launched a GOLD SERVICE in which for each BII policy we offer a written Report containing:
• The seriousness of the Business interruption in that specific business
• Indemnity period to subscribe
• Capital to subscribe
• Negotiation of additional clauses
• High dependence on suppliers and customers
• Adequacy of the current situation
• Other topics specific to each case

This service requires access to the operational and financial information of the Insured and may also require a travel and an interview with the company management.

We also provide advisory and follow-up services to the Insured persons.